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“Ideal” Network Plan: List of Routes (33% Scenario)

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This is a summary list of each all-day route in the “Ideal” Network Plan, along with common corridors where multiple routes would be scheduled evenly for more frequent service. These frequencies are as they would be in the “33%” scenario.

6 minutes (Extremely Frequent Common Corridors)

Note: All of these corridors are the common portion of two 12-minute routes; buses would be scheduled to arrive every 6 minutes within the common corridor.

  • 1, 13 common corridor and 3 (turnback segment) (Uptown – 21st/James via Queen Anne Ave N, 3rd Ave, Yesler Terrace, E Jefferson St)
    • Note: Full route 3, extending east to Madrona, would run every 12 minutes.
  • 2, 10 common corridor  (Westlake – Pine/14th via E Pine St)
  • 14, 34 common corridor  (S Jackson St between 4th Ave S and 12th Ave S)
  • 34, 35 common corridor  (12th/Jackson – Beacon Hill Station via 12th and 14th Aves S)
  • 65/67, 73/75 common corridor  (U-District Station – U-Village via UW Campus)

7-8 minutes (Extremely Frequent Routes and Common Corridors)

Note: Most of these corridors are the common portion of two 15-minute routes; buses would be scheduled to arrive every 7-8 minutes within the common corridor.

  • 24/131, 33/132 common corridor (Georgetown – Magnolia Bridge via 4th Ave S, 3rd Ave, Elliott Ave W)
  • 28, 40 common corridor  (International District – West Fremont via 3rd Ave, South Lake Union, Westlake, Fremont)
  • 51, 52 common corridor  (Morgan Junction – Seacrest Dock via California Ave SW)
  • 58 (Downtown – Aurora Village via Aurora Ave N)

10 minutes (Very Frequent Routes)

  • 5  (Stadium – Shoreline Community College via 3rd, Dexter, Fremont, and Greenwood Aves N)
  • 7  (South Lake Union – Rainier Beach via Boren Ave and Rainier Ave S)
  • 8  (Magnolia Village – Madison Park via Elliott Ave W, Mercer St, Harrison St, Denny Wy, John St, and Madison St)
  • 12  (Downtown – Madison Park via Madison St)
  • 15  (Downtown – Lake City via Elliott Ave W, 15th Ave W, Holman Rd, Northgate Wy)
  • 16 (Downtown – Roosevelt via Aurora Ave N, Stone Way N, East Green Lake)
  • 44  (Children’s Hospital – Ballard via NE/N 45th St, N 46th St, NW Market St)
  • 48  (U-District – Mt. Baker via 23rd Ave)
  • 54  (Downtown – Westwood Village via Alaska Junction and Fauntleroy)
  • 70  (Downtown – U-District via Fairview Ave N and Eastlake Ave E)
  • 71  (Loyal Heights – Sand Point via N 85th St, 5th Ave NE, NE 65th St)
  • 120  (Downtown – Burien via Delridge Ave and Ambaum Way)

12 minutes (Frequent Routes)

  • (Downtown – Queen Anne via 10th Ave W, 6th Ave W, and W Galer St)
  • 2  (Downtown – Leschi via E Pine St, E Union St, and Madrona Park)
  • 3 (full route)  (Downtown – Madrona via Yesler Terrace, E Jefferson St, E Cherry St)
    • Note: This route would run every 6 minutes on the turnback segment of the route between Downtown and First Hill.
  • 4  (Downtown – Queen Anne via 5th Ave N and Taylor Ave N)
  • 10  (Downtown – Volunteer Park via 15th Ave E)
  • 13  (Downtown – Fremont via Queen Anne Ave N, SPU, W Nickerson St)
  • 14  (Downtown – Mt. Baker via S Jackson St, 31st Ave S)
  • 34  (South Lake Union – South Park via Broad St, Waterfront, S Jackson St, Beacon Hill, Georgetown)
  • 35  (U-District – Othello via Broadway, 12th Ave, Beacon Ave S)
  • 65  (UW Campus – Wedgwood via 35th Ave NE)
  • 67  (UW Campus – 130th Station via Roosevelt Wy NE/11th Ave NE, 5th Ave NE)
  • 73  (UW Campus – Northgate via 15th Ave NE)
  • 75  (UW Campus – Northgate via Sand Point Wy NE, NE 125th St)

15 Minutes (“Almost” Frequent Routes)

  • 6  (Summit – Rainier Beach via E John St and MLK Jr Wy)
  • 21  (Downtown – Westwood Village via Sodo, 35th Ave SW)
  • 24  (Downtown – Sunset Hill via Uptown, Magnolia, Ballard)
  • 28  (Downtown – Whittier Heights via Westlake Ave N, Fremont, 8th Ave NW)
  • 31  (Laurelhurst – Discovery Park via Bryant, U-District, Wallingford, Fremont, Magnolia)
  • 40  (Downtown – Whittier Heights via Westlake Ave N, Fremont, Ballard, North Beach)
  • 47  (Pioneer Square – Summit via 1st Ave, Bellevue Ave)
  • 50  (Alki – Seward Park via Admiral, Sodo, and Columbia City)
  • 51 (Seacrest Dock – Upper Rainier Beach via Alaska Junction, Gatewood, Westwood, White Center, South Park, Boeing, Rainier Beach)
  • 52  (Seacrest Dock – Seward Park via Alaska Junction, Highland Park, Georgetown, Othello)
  • 53  (Alki – Tukwila Int’l Blvd via Alaska Junction, Pigeon Point, SSCC, 16th Ave SW, SW 128th St)
  • 59  (Arbor Heights – Rainier Beach via Westwood, SW 107 St, Glendale, Boulevard Park, Boeing Access Road)
  • 69  (UW Hospital – Kenmore via Montlake Blvd, 25th Ave NE, Lake City Wy NE)
  • 78  (Ballard – Shoreline CC via N 65th St, Roosevelt, N 75th St, Wedgwood, Lake City, N 145th St)
  • 86  (Northgate – Shoreline CC via Haller Lake, North City, Aurora Village, Richmond Beach)
  • 87  (Northgate – Mountlake Terrace via Pinehurst, Ridgecrest, North City, Ballinger)
  • 88  (Richmond Beach – Bothell via N 185th St, North City, NE 178th St, Bothell Way)
  • 106  (Othello – Renton via South Beacon Hill, Renton Ave S)
  • 107  (Rainier Beach – Renton via Rainier View, Bryn Mawr)
  • 124  (Downtown – Tukwila Int’l Blvd via Airport Way S and E Marginal Way S)
  • 131  (Downtown – Burien via 4th Ave S, Highland Park Wy SW/8th Ave SW, 1st Ave S)
  • 132  (Downtown – Georgetown via 4th Ave S, South Park, Des Moines Memorial Dr S)

Copyright 2013 David Lawson. This material is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. You may freely modify and share it as long as this attribution remains.

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