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Frequent Network Plan – List of Routes

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What is this?

This is a summary list of each all-day route in the Frequent Network Plan, along with common corridors where multiple routes would be scheduled evenly for more frequent service.

7-8 minutes (Very Frequent Routes and Common Corridors)

Note: Most of these corridors are the common portion of two 15-minute routes; buses would be scheduled to arrive every 7-8 minutes within the common corridor.

  • 2, 10 common corridor  (Westlake – Pine/14th via E Pine St)
  • 3  (turnback segment) (Belltown – 21st/James via 3rd Ave, Yesler Terrace, E Jefferson St)
    • Note: The full route, extending east to Madrona, would run every 15 minutes.
  • 5, 40 staggered service  (International District – Fremont via 3rd Ave, Belltown, South Lake Union)
    • Note: Although these two routes would use differing intermediate routing between downtown and Fremont, they would be scheduled for evenly staggered departures northbound from 3rd Ave and southbound from Fremont Ave N/N 34 St.
  • 13, 24 common corridor  (Downtown – Uptown via 3rd Ave and Queen Anne Ave N/1 Ave N)
  • 14, 34 common corridor  (S Jackson St between 4th Ave S and 12th Ave S)
  • 34, 35 common corridor  (12th/Jackson – Beacon Hill Station via 12th and 14th Aves S)
  • 50, 55 common corridor  (Alaska Junction – Admiral via California Ave SW)
  • 65/67, 73/75 common corridor  (U-District Station – U-Village via UW Campus)

10 minutes (Very Frequent Routes)

  • 7  (South Lake Union – Rainier Beach via Boren Ave and Rainier Ave S)
  • 8  (Uptown – Madison Valley via Denny Wy and John St)
  • 12  (Downtown – Madison Park via Madison St)
  • 15  (Downtown – Crown Hill via Elliott Ave W and 15th Ave W)
  • 44  (Children’s Hospital – Ballard via NE/N 45th St, N 46th St, NW Market St)
  • 48  (U-District – Mt. Baker via 23rd Ave)
  • 54  (Downtown – Westwood Village via Alaska Junction and Fauntleroy)
  • 58  (Downtown – Aurora Village via Aurora Ave)
  • 71  (Loyal Heights – Sand Point via N 85th St, 5th Ave NE, NE 65th St)
  • 120  (Downtown – Burien via Delridge Ave and Ambaum Way)

15 minutes (Frequent Routes and Common Corridors)

  • 2  (Downtown – Leschi via E Pine St, E Union St, and Madrona Park)
  • 3 (full route)  (Downtown – Madrona via Yesler Terrace, E Jefferson St, E Cherry St)
    • Note: This route would run every 7-8 minutes on the turnback segment of the route between Downtown and First Hill.
  • 4  (Downtown – Seattle Pacific via 5th Ave N and Taylor Ave N)
  • 5  (Downtown – Shoreline Community College via Dexter, Fremont, and Greenwood Aves N)
  • 6  (Madison Valley – Boeing Access Road via MLK Jr Wy)
  • 10  (Downtown – Volunteer Park via 15th Ave E)
  • 13  (Downtown – Woodland Park via Queen Anne Ave N, SPU, Fremont Ave N)
  • 14  (Downtown – Mt. Baker via S Jackson St, 31st Ave S)
  • 16  (Downtown – Northgate via Wallingford, E Green Lake)
  • 21  (Downtown – Westwood Village via Sodo, 35th Ave SW)
  • 24  (Downtown – Sunset Hill via Uptown, Magnolia, Ballard)
  • 28  (Fremont – Whittier Heights via 8th Ave NW)
  • 31  (Laurelhurst – Discovery Park via Bryant, U-District, Wallingford, Fremont, Magnolia)
  • 34  (Seattle Center – Georgetown via Waterfront, S Jackson St, Beacon Hill)
  • 35  (U-District – Othello via Broadway, 12th Ave, Beacon Ave S)
  • 40  (Stadium – Lake City via Westlake Ave N, Fremont, Ballard, Northgate Wy)
  • 47  (Pioneer Square – Summit via 1st Ave, Bellevue Ave)
  • 50  (Alki – Seward Park via Admiral, Alaska Junction, Sodo, and Columbia City)
  • 52  (Seaview – S Seattle CC via Alaska Junction, Youngstown, Pigeon Point)
  • 55  (Seacrest – S Seattle CC via California Ave Sw, SW Morgan St/Orchard Wy)
  • 65  (UW Campus – Wedgwood via 35th Ave NE)
  • 67  (UW Campus – Northgate via Roosevelt Wy NE/11th Ave NE)
  • 69  (UW Hospital – Kenmore via Montlake Blvd, 25th Ave NE, Lake City Wy NE)
  • 70  (Downtown – U-District via Fairview Ave N and Eastlake Ave E)
  • 73  (UW Campus – Northgate via 15th Ave NE)
  • 75  (UW Campus – Northgate via Sand Point Wy NE, NE 125th St)
  • 78  (E Green Lake – Shoreline CC via Wedgwood, Lake City, Jackson Park, Ridgecrest)
  • 85, 86 common corridor  (Northgate – Haller Lake via Meridian Ave N)
  • 87, 88 common corridor  (Northgate – Jackson Park via 15th Ave NE)
  • 106  (Rainier Beach – Renton via Renton Ave S)
  • 124  (Downtown – Tukwila Int’l Blvd Station via Airport Way S and E Marginal Way S)
  • 132  (Downtown – Georgetown via 4th Ave S, South Park, Des Moines Memorial Dr S)

30 minutes (Coverage Routes)

  • 1  (Downtown – West Queen Anne via 10th Ave W)
  • 59  (Admiral – Upper Rainier Beach via Genesee Hill, California Hill, Arbor Heights, Westwood Village, White Center, South Park, Georgetown, South Beacon Hill, S Henderson St)
  • 81  (Shoreline CC – Bothell via 3rd Ave NW, Aurora Village, Ballinger Wy NE)
  • 85  (Northgate – Shoreline CC via Haller Lake, N 130th St, Greenwood Ave NE)
  • 86  (Northgate – Aurora Village via Haller Lake, Meridian Ave N)
  • 87  (Northgate – Mountlake Terrace via Ridgecrest, North City)
  • 88  (Northgate – Richmond Beach via 15th Ave NE, N 185th St)
  • 107  (Rainier Beach – Renton via Rainier View, Bryn Mawr)
  • 128  (S Seattle CC – Tukwila Int’l Blvd Station via S 108th St, Glendale Wy S, Military Rd S)
  • 131  (Downtown – Burien via 4th Ave S, Highland Park Wy SW/8th Ave SW, 1st Ave S)

Copyright 2013 David Lawson. This material is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. You may freely modify and share it as long as this attribution remains.

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July 30, 2013 at 19:34

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